WWW pages

Now Transfer Limited states that the data contained on WWW pages has been provided only for information purposes. Information contained on the WWW pages is periodically updated. Now Transfer shall not be held responsible for reliability, validity and completeness of the data presented.

All rights to the entire content of the Now Transfer portal are reserved. No part of the portal may be copied fully or in part, electronically or otherwise transmitted, modified, linked or used without prior written consent of Now Transfer.

Funds deposit

In the event Now Transfer receives funds from the client through the bank that do not represent the requested value or the funds will equate only to a proportion of the money to be paid in, Now Transfer will not take any action unless it has been arranged to do so. The transfer will be void. Now Transfer has discretion to charge a fee for return payment resulting from this transaction. 

Online transfers might take up to 3 working days.

Funds received/ credited before 11 am may reach beneficiary bank account same day. The transfer should not take longer than 24hrs.

Funds received/ credited after 11am may take a maximum of one working day from the time the money has been credited in.

Working days/ Bank Holidays

By “working day” we mean normal business days Monday to Friday. We do not operate on Bank Holidays and Sundays. Bank Holidays may differ between UK and Poland.

Banks may operate different hours in UK and Poland due to time difference and/or opening hours.


Cancellation to be validated only on the day of transfer request. No cancellation is to be made after a close of business on the day the transaction was made without the consent of Now Transfer. The cancellation fee is at the discretion of Now Transfer.

Once the funds have been cleared at the beneficiary side, Now Transfer will not be hold responsible for any cancellations.

Now Transfer reserves the right to cancel, hold, and suspend any transaction at any time without giving the reason to the client if there is a reasonable suspicion of money laundering.

Fees/ payments

Now Transfer charges one flat fee of £5 per transfer on all transfers over £150. There are no hidden charges on either sender or beneficiary side. The client will be held responsible for checking prior to money transfer whether the beneficiary bank apply any charges or fees for crediting/ withdrawing money which could form a part of their bank agreement (terms and conditions).

Damages/ loses

Now Transfer shall not be liable for any damages or loses including direct or indirect resulted from the following:

  • Payment made to unintended recipient or incorrect amount given by the client.
  • Delays, losses, errors or omissions resulting from failure of the telecommunications or any data transmitting system or Now Transfer main server system