TODAYS RATE: £1 =4.75 PLN *
(on all transfers over £150)


*Rates are correct as of October 21st 2013 10.00 am


Send Money To Poland With Now Transfer

A common challenge faced by Polish migrant workers is sending money to Poland. A good money transfer company is the one that offers a fast, secure and inexpensive money transfer service. With Now Transfer you can achieve this! We understand the currency market, our competitors and the banks. We are confident that Now Transfer is the most cost effective Polish money transfer company in the United Kingdom. Now Transfer works exclusively with the Polish community helping you send money to Poland.

Our straight forward Polish money transfer service combines a fast transfer (usually within 24 hrs), the best exchange rate, and a simple, no hassle registration. When you send money to Poland with Now Transfer the money can be withdrawn in any Polish bank - any! There is no extra or hidden cost for the UK sender or Polish beneficiary. You worked hard for your money, now let us work hard for you!

Now transfer offers:

  • Fixed Fee (£5) money transfers to Poland on all transfers over £150
  • Fast and secure money transfer service
  • Unbeatable money (GBP -> PLN) transfer rates
  • Withdraw at any Polish bank

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